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When one door closes, God will open another.

I have only quit one job in my life and I celebrated when I was fired on another job. I am about to have the same dilemma again.

You have to know your value, if a job feels uncomfortable to you there a reason.  Have your planned reaction ready.


Dilemma: a situation in which a difficult choice has to be made between two or more alternatives, especially equally undesirable ones.


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Natural or Work: Do you want to succeed?

For some success comes natural to them, and will do whatever they need to do in order to achieve it. Then there are those who have to work hard in order to succeed in life. No one becomes successful without work.

First start with a plan.  The plan should have an idea of what you where you want to be, and it too late to be a better you.  You always do something in order to improve your life.


Based on, “I don’t want to waken up in the same place tomorrow.” by Ivy Lynn


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The Journey

When you are trying to build your dream, it is hard-working alone. You may want family, friends, and others to support you; however, that most likely it won’t happen. The people who will FOLLOW YOU, and support you usually are those who have dreams of their own that they too want to achieve. Birds of a feather flock together, so do the people who have a dream of being a success.

I am here to show you how it can be done, follow my journey.

“Based on Ivy’s Memory Makers, I don’t want to wait up in the same place.”


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“I wanted to be where you are.” Tayler, Beyonce, or Bruno

“I want to be where you are.” 
It is a song by the late Michael Jackson. It was also the message that Les Brown gave at a seminar called, “Get Motivated.”
Where you are
He said he began his career by watching others and thinking I can do that.  He started with nothing, no money, no family backing, or even a college education; he has had many successful career and made millions.  His message was, where I am standing, you can be also.  Now that is motivation.  Looking at other and be inspired to do the same things or do better.
There are a lot of people who can sing better than Tayler Swift, and Bruno Mars, or dance better than Beyonce.  However, they do put their self out there toward making it.  I met a person at this same seminar who was a book writer.  He has made over $100,000 on a book that has not been published.  Why is it that we live by seeing others succeed, and feel disappoint that we were not the one with the success?  I have heard many success stories; most started the same way.  When you want to succeed you have to take a steps toward your goals.
I have been many seminars on being successful.  You can’t be disappointed in anything that you have never done for yourself.  Even if you fail, you have continue trying.
One of the first things I learned from reading and going to success seminars, is that you are going to fail many times before you make it.
The second thing is to keep on trying.  You will learn and do better, when you have failures by trying again.
I remember applying for a government job, where they would give a standard test to certify you for the position.  It was the same test they gave for each entry-level job.  I must have taken that test about five times over the next three months.  Each time I would do better on the test, by being able to read more carefully and correct a questions that I may have answered wrong on, or missed the time before.  By the times, I got my results from the last test I was in the top ten percent. 
Motivate and push yourself to do something that you are good at, then take it to another level.  I will tell you about levels that next time.
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You can put off some things for a while, however, not forever.

You can put off some things for a while, however, not forever. I will be having my three breast cancer surgery this coming up week. Let’s pray for a better success than the last two times. The doctor said if he does not get all the cancer this time, we made need to do more drastic measures. What does that mean?

All I keep thinking about is all the time away from my life that is taking, which is bad, because the whole purpose is for me to live. I guess I am getting ready to find out in the next couple of weeks. What would you do if the doctor said, there is nothing else that can be done for you?

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Gofund Prom 2

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Are you saying things that people will listen to?

Talking to people, the things they want to hear


I have been trying to convenience some of the people I know to do webcast as a way to market themselves.  Most of us think I can’t speak before a crowd, let alone talking on camera.  Then there are those who say I would not know that to talk about.  It is funny when you think that every day we speak to others.  I have always been a shy person, now that I am older I call it reserved.  I worked for years in public service where it was required to deal with people in large volumes at a time.  The shyness changed as people were addressing their issues with me, and I had to come up with an answer, quickly.



The good thing about a webcam is that they can be short as you want them to be, you just need to get your message out.  Almost like if you were interviewing for a job, that can be your first webcam selling yourself for a job.  Of course, depending upon the job and your pitch, you may need to do a little work in order to market yourself.  You may have to practice in front of a mirror, that is always a good ideal.


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They say a dream is free, however…..

If I worked hard at everything, I did I would be wealthy.  If I did well in everything aimed for, I would have achieved more.  If I followed through on everything, I dreamed of I would be successful.

Are you working and aiming for your dreams?  When did you stop dreaming?








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Sometimes we wake up with issues

There is a phone call at 7am, you rush to pick it up worry that something is wrong.  It is just a bill collector’s recording letting you know that you are late.  You call back to the company, of course they are not there because it is before 8am.  Your day has just gotten stressful as watching the minutes on the clock.

Trying to focus as you are driving to work, listening to the clock is tick in your mind.  You think to yourself, if you have enough money to pay the bill or, if you need to ask for an extension.  By the time to make it to work you are exalted, from the worry.  When can you take a break to call and take care of the issue?

That one hour can wear you down so much that you feel like you are walking in a daze.  What day is it?  As you look at the same piece of paper for the fifth time.  Someone says good morning to you; however, you don’t even hear yourself acknowledging them.  Don’t you just hate when issue come up?  It is like a cloud over you on a sunny day.

What to do when an issue takes over you, that is a good question?


FridayThe end of the day can’t come soon enough.