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Natural or Work: Do you want to succeed?

For some success comes natural to them, and will do whatever they need to do in order to achieve it. Then there are those who have to work hard in order to succeed in life. No one becomes successful without work.

First start with a plan.  The plan should have an idea of what you where you want to be, and it too late to be a better you.  You always do something in order to improve your life.


Based on, “I don’t want to waken up in the same place tomorrow.” by Ivy Lynn


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The Journey

When you are trying to build your dream, it is hard-working alone. You may want family, friends, and others to support you; however, that most likely it won’t happen. The people who will FOLLOW YOU, and support you usually are those who have dreams of their own that they too want to achieve. Birds of a feather flock together, so do the people who have a dream of being a success.

I am here to show you how it can be done, follow my journey.

“Based on Ivy’s Memory Makers, I don’t want to wait up in the same place.”


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“I wanted to be where you are.” Tayler, Beyonce, or Bruno

“I want to be where you are.” 
It is a song by the late Michael Jackson. It was also the message that Les Brown gave at a seminar called, “Get Motivated.”
Where you are
He said he began his career by watching others and thinking I can do that.  He started with nothing, no money, no family backing, or even a college education; he has had many successful career and made millions.  His message was, where I am standing, you can be also.  Now that is motivation.  Looking at other and be inspired to do the same things or do better.
There are a lot of people who can sing better than Tayler Swift, and Bruno Mars, or dance better than Beyonce.  However, they do put their self out there toward making it.  I met a person at this same seminar who was a book writer.  He has made over $100,000 on a book that has not been published.  Why is it that we live by seeing others succeed, and feel disappoint that we were not the one with the success?  I have heard many success stories; most started the same way.  When you want to succeed you have to take a steps toward your goals.
I have been many seminars on being successful.  You can’t be disappointed in anything that you have never done for yourself.  Even if you fail, you have continue trying.
One of the first things I learned from reading and going to success seminars, is that you are going to fail many times before you make it.
The second thing is to keep on trying.  You will learn and do better, when you have failures by trying again.
I remember applying for a government job, where they would give a standard test to certify you for the position.  It was the same test they gave for each entry-level job.  I must have taken that test about five times over the next three months.  Each time I would do better on the test, by being able to read more carefully and correct a questions that I may have answered wrong on, or missed the time before.  By the times, I got my results from the last test I was in the top ten percent. 
Motivate and push yourself to do something that you are good at, then take it to another level.  I will tell you about levels that next time.
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You can put off some things for a while, however, not forever.

You can put off some things for a while, however, not forever. I will be having my three breast cancer surgery this coming up week. Let’s pray for a better success than the last two times. The doctor said if he does not get all the cancer this time, we made need to do more drastic measures. What does that mean?

All I keep thinking about is all the time away from my life that is taking, which is bad, because the whole purpose is for me to live. I guess I am getting ready to find out in the next couple of weeks. What would you do if the doctor said, there is nothing else that can be done for you?

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Gofund Prom 2

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Are you saying things that people will listen to?

Talking to people, the things they want to hear


I have been trying to convenience some of the people I know to do webcast as a way to market themselves.  Most of us think I can’t speak before a crowd, let alone talking on camera.  Then there are those who say I would not know that to talk about.  It is funny when you think that every day we speak to others.  I have always been a shy person, now that I am older I call it reserved.  I worked for years in public service where it was required to deal with people in large volumes at a time.  The shyness changed as people were addressing their issues with me, and I had to come up with an answer, quickly.



The good thing about a webcam is that they can be short as you want them to be, you just need to get your message out.  Almost like if you were interviewing for a job, that can be your first webcam selling yourself for a job.  Of course, depending upon the job and your pitch, you may need to do a little work in order to market yourself.  You may have to practice in front of a mirror, that is always a good ideal.


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Do I have your ATTENTION now?

If Eve worked in marketing, and she tried to sell Adam the apple, how would she market it?  Most people know the story of Adam and Eve, and wonder what could she have said in order convenience him to take a bite.


adam and eve

apple bite


Getting people attention, that is what marketing is about.  Do I have your ATTENTION now?

I have only a few more days left, then I will have completed my marketing class. This is what I learned so far, about effective marketing it is about getting people attention.  You have to be able to draw them in, so that they will remember you or your product.

We did an assignment in class on effective marketing; it was based upon the percent of attention you can get from an advertisement.  I followed up with my own project; in which I posted something that was viewed by almost 8,000 in one day.   However, only four people responded back.  Getting people attention is one thing; it is great in marketing when people respond but to your conversation or repost your share.  I bet Eve grabbed the largest, juicy, red apple she saw, to get Adam’s attention.

Who is the most famous person you know?  Is there a commercials or advertisement sticks in your mind?   What is it that you remember about them?

I bet no one will forget what Will Smith son, Jaden Smith wore to his prom.

Have you ever tried to get someone attention?

Soon I have something to show you, I just know you are going to love it.

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Do you want a job?


Do you want a job?


A friend asked me to go with her to check into a job opportunity for her sixteen-year-old son.  I knew someone about that age who needed a job, so I went along to get the information.  There was going to be a presentation given on all the jobs available that her son could apply for.  My friend also invited her nephew, who was in his early twenty to come along; he too was looking for a job.  My friend, had recently retired, so of course, she was not looking for a job.

When we arrived at the place, it appeared as if we had missed the presentation.  The person giving the presentation welcome us in, as we seemed to be the only ones at the presentation for the job.  The presentation was being held at the unemployment office.  My friend listened attentively, to the person giving the presenter.  She even gave her in put about the job location, all through the person presentation. Of course, she was not look for a job.

She talked about her other child working at the same place in the past.  She said to the person that she was not interested in the working there herself.  However, she inquired about the type of work she would like to do.  The job she was willing to work was not even one of the jobs listed. Of course, she was not looking for a job.  

She asked the presenter about her job, state that would be ideal for her.  She told her about her job experience, and what kind of work she would be willing to do for her company.  Of course, she was not looking for a job.

I sat listening to the exchange that was going on during the presentation.  I thought to myself, of course, you were not looking for a job.

Do you need a job?  Do you know your net worth? It does not have anything to do with the places you will or will not work at, but what type of work you can do.  I have always worked from a young age; I never had my parents go out looked for me a job.  When I was young, I would look and apply for jobs, then go on interview life everyone else.  My parent never job search for me, and I never thought about if I would like the place I was applying for a job with.  I just saw a job I was qualified for and put in an application.  I was happy to be giving an opportunity to work.

Are you passing by an opportunity or a job?  Can you see yourself in a job you never would have considered before? 

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I try and try to do good, but no one is perfect. Will I ever please Google?

I remember walking into work one day, and the boss calling me her office.  She said it was  evaluation time for my work evaluation.  She proceeds to take out a folder with a pile of papers in it. She handed me, my evaluation that said above standard employee.  However, she had listed that I had made the same mistakes repeatedly over during the year and then she showed me the stack of paper.  For one year, she gathered up all the mistakes I made, but never knew about until that moment.

She had given me an above standard evaluation because I never missed a day, I was always on time for work, and I did over and beyond in my job.  I refuse to sign the evaluation.  How could I be at fought for an error when I did not know it was an error?

Thinking back later, the odds are that another employee brought it to the boss attention, but no one bothered to tell me.  They allowed me to make the mistakes.  Of course, I appeal me evaluation, and it had to be removed.

We should all should have an opportunity to do better; no one is perfect.

I am still working on fixing all the errors that Web Master shows.  They are saying there is some problem with the system, and I don’t get the way they want you to fix it.  So, I am going through each one that they state had problems, and fix correct it.  You ever heard that you learn from your mistakes?  I want to do the best job possible, so that I will be on that Google list.


bad report



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This morning at the 6:30 am meeting, I was reviewing the plan for magazine to make 200k a year. It was the same plan that I presented last night to my teacher. He is great and owns a business. He looked at me kind of funny, why I am not sure. One the class is called business planning, who is trying to aim small? Two why be the boss and make minimum wage.
Of course, in my meeting this morning with (you know who), the person who always has something to say. It was suggested that I needed to break down my time a LOT more. Apparently in my 12 to 16 hours work days I am not getting enough done.

If it is your plan to make think big, don’t think small.