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10-14D89AD4-1714872-960I would go to work each day, sit at my desk, that was my life. 

Same place same time, that is not living.  When we are in the early stages of adulthood, we don’t realize that we are making a road for ourselves. You have to be present and not just exiting.  As the youngest person there is so much that I did not know, most of us we live and learn.  



When you start a job, you don’t know how things worked.  You have to learn the job, from others. Two months into my new position, my supervision took a month off, and I was left on my own at the mercy of the other employees who were there.  When you are you want to do your best and succeed.  You try to be friendly with everyone, and do whatever is asked of you.  During the time that my supervisor was on her month vacation, the other two employees who worked in my section had the same lunch hour.  They opted to take their lunch as scheduled, leaving me to work handling the phones and counter alone.  I like so many never complained I just did the best I could. That most of us are we just go along, with what is happening, just to make it.

One day though, the head manager came by and saw me working by myself trying to handle the phones and the people at the counter.  He noticed eight lines lite up with calls, and he started to help.  A funny thing, suddenly two other supervisor came over to help, also following the lead of the head manager.   You can learn a lot by doing something different.  I am sure the department head had no idea of how busy my section was until he was assisting me in my job.  He learned a lot that day.   

Of course I learned a lot more myself by having to work harder by myself.  That is something that I do with everything that I do.  Working hard is nothing new to me.


With me you will get:

The unexpected.cropped-couple-2.png

The Driven.

The Passion.


I can do the unexpected, because I am driven and also have a passion for anything I do.  Follow me, the great days are just beginning.  We are going to have to fun, who knows where I will go.

FOLLOW ME, I have something to say, I know you are going to love it.

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