Ivy Lynns, The Writer

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My “To Do List”

I started a  journey in January 2014, to write a romance novel.  The writing of the story was easy, but I did not do enough research on the publishing business.  Now I am going through the challenges in order to get myself noticed as a writer.  The bad things is I want to do it all, but I know I can’t.

I knew about Facebook, but I did not have a Facebook account.  I knew about website, but I did not have one at the time.  I knew about marketing and promotion but a have never done that before either.  So I had to start at grown zero to see what I can do, then I will know what I can’t do.  To start a new career it is a challenge, the first requirement what you want to write about.  I could have gone a couple of directions but writing about romance that excitement.

This is some of the things I hope to accomplish:

1. Write a good book, I need to do my research.

2.  Editing the book,  and then edit again.

3.  Get the book published. I need to research on book publishers.

4. Promote the book.  That is the part I will probably need help with in the future.

5. Introduce yourself to the world, it may take time but I will do it.

6  A book trailer is required for visualizing your book.

7. Then there is the marketing of the book.

I could just go back to my other choice of book topic, which is “How To” books.  I love to learn how to do anything, after this first book I will have learned so much more.

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