Ivy’s Memory Makers (The Collector)

Removing Staples
All in a days work.







This Represent I worked and handle a lot of papers.  I use to drive, there was so many staple to be removed from one document.  They were so many removed by handle, you could see them all through the carpet.  We would have to removed them, in order to put in more.  So I started putting them in piles and jars so that they would not go into the carpet.  No I am not a neat freak.

Over the years, I have saved little things that I really loved, which some people would consider collecting. With me I went a little further, then collecting, I was saving the things I liked and wanted to remember. I use to make my own paper dolls, I made lots of them with their clothes and houses for them. When I stopped playing with them, I had stored them a way. One day a family member was helping clean out my garage, they put the box they were in out with the trash. I can’t even image what was in that box with the paper dolls when it was through out, but I will never forget how I felt.

My second attempted to collect was magazine articles, I saved them for years. I saved home improvement magazines, business magazines, do it yourself magazines, and style magazines. I saved so many over the years, until someone suggested that I put all the articles on the computers. They said the computer hard drive had plenty of room to stored my pictures and articles. So I scanned all the pictures and articles and put them on the computer. You know where I am going, well not really, because the hard drive was destroyed when the floor where the computer was sitting. Good bye to all my pictures and my articles that I had been saving all those years.

Ivy’s Memory Makers is not a new I started it many years ago, now I get to share them with you.

I will share my memories, my stories, my photos, and the little things in life that you may have forgotten about, from past times, a look at current times and some future thoughts. Who knows what I will pull out, from the passed, in hopes for the future, I have a lot of stuff.

Of course, I have a little help from my family, they provide me with memories, pictures and life’s inspirations. Tyler Perry focused on one family member, I have a who generation to choose from.

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