Series No. One-Mommy Living Dolls

Mommy’s Living Dolls Trilogy:
By Ivy Lynns
Susanna Ross, Sykes, Carrington wanted her daughters to be groomed and raised in the perfect image just like the beautiful dolls she had as a child. Nevertheless, they were not children anymore nor would they be her living dolls.
Book One: In Honor of His Wife, Olivia
She lost her memory of her past. The doll that was broken.
Book Two: The Shame of the Family, Samantha
She kept a secret from everyone. The doll that was stored away.
Book Three: The Hidden Wild Side, Maxie
The good doctor had a great bedside manner. She was the doll that was taken off the shelf.

cropped-mld-olivia1.jpgBook two coverBook Three Maxie

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