Ivy’s Story, “You have Cancer.”

Gofund Prom 2Ivy’s Story, it could be you. “Be Alert to what your body and mind are telling you.”

“You have Cancer.”






I knew it, but it sucks when it is confirmed. I had just signed up for medical insurance to comply with the law, I stopped paying a while back because it became. My name is Ivy.  I retired from my job of twenty-five years where insurance was covered by my employer, it became my responsibility after; however, it was expensive.  After two years, I stopped because I could no longer afford it, and maintain my bills at the time.

All the years that I had insurance and went to my regular exams, I have very limited medical issues. Now I am facing breast cancer surgery in the coming up weeks. I had signed up for the very least cost for medical, thinking I was in good heath. No one thinks about getting sick or is prepared for the cost. I found out that I have limited, which means forty percent of the cost will be mine.

When I signed up for medical insurance, they contact at me for a regular mammogram, afterward they ask me to come for another. I had not noticed anything different about my breast, so I thought they were just trying to milk me for money. The third time they said I needed to have a biopsy. My family and tried to assure me that it could be other things besides cancer, but in the back of my mind, I knew. Since then things have been moving fast, surgery was scheduled within weeks and push it back when I found out about the cost. I also had a problem with my blood pressure being elevated. That was my one medical issue from the past.

My original had a plan was to retire and start a new career going. I wanted to be a teacher and artist; however, I settled in between by writing or blogging for many different reasons. Unfortunately only God knew the real plan. I need to stop working to care for my aging mother who also had breast cancer, heart problems, and many other medical issues, and help care for my brother who is disabled and has been in a wheelchair since 18 years of age. He cannot get full-time care provided. He has no wife or children of his own. I have never married and only have one child. The money I received from my retirement goes toward household expense which we struggle to pay each month.

I helped a friend raise money for the cancer walk, not knowing that it would be me one day. It was just one of the ways that I have help others. I volunteer with my church homeless ministry, and have help when my mother was doing work in her church. I believe that the fact the cancer was found at this stage of my life, it was God guiding me in the right direction. Obviously, anyone can have cancer; I don’t really know the outcome of mine or what will happen. I could have continued with my life and not known I had cancer in my body as so many people do until it too late.

What does it mean when you are the link that is holding it all together, when things happen? How will I be able to pay for medical expenses and maintain the household expenses? Who will care for me and take care of my family while I am recovering? There will be exams before and after the surgery which I have put off a little because I was not aware of the cost. I will have weeks of daily radiation that will be another cost, along with future medical appointment. I have heard from others who have had cancer than it will be months or years to recovery. There are certain things that I will need, including additional help for the three of us.

However, I am hoping to make a full recovery and continue helping my family. Please help, I will be grateful for anything that you can give to help offset the medical and home expenses during this time. Furthermore, pass it on to someone whom you may know that gives to cancer, and may be willing to help. Let someone who needs to think about being prepared for the unexpected for their family and themselves. I had a couple of co-workers that tried to work while taking cancer treatment, neither one made it. I hope you can help.



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