My Likes (My Aphrodisiac)

IMAG1749   My Likes, Favor, Enjoy, Feel for, Aphrodisiac


I have a lot of likes and interests.  Can likes cross to an aphrodisiac?

Like is a favor.  Aphrodisiac is related to love and desire.  Both can create a wonderful feeling.

My main interest is launching my writing career. My dream is for the book to be so successful that I am offer a deal to make it into a movie.

(I love chocolate just as I love matter of the heart.)

I have a personal library of romance novels, I prefer books and I have a lot of them.

(They say reading in bed is bad for you, but I love to read in bed)

II have a lots of Arts and Crafts projects that I have done from over the years including clothing and jewelry designing.

(I write about love and romance.)

I taking pictures or everything that I want to remember.

(I love to have great memories.)

I have an off beat humor, I like word puzzles and games (Scrabble).

(I love holiday decorations.)

I like family things.

(I love everything that has to do with families)

I like to make dessert food.

(I love to bake cakes and cookies.)

I like to bake.
Homemade sweets


Diamond tennis bracelets
Lots of Bling
I love to read romance stories. I have saved books over the years.
Romance Stories


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