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We will move on in life. You get many choices.

When my son learned to play the drums at a young age, every chance he got he would play. He went all over town, seven days a week, if you called him, he would be there. He would walk through the house, stomping his feet, and banging of things with the drum stick as if he was playing the drums.  Then he joined a car club, I don’t remember how many times he came home with another car that he put all his money into only for it to be junked. One day he made another decision, to leave it all and . We all have to make a road for ourselves through our lives. There will be many choices, not just one.


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Excuses for everything, but YOUR OWN CHOICES

Don’t you get tired of hearing could have, would have, from certain people. DO IT ALREADY, or stop blaming others for your poor choices in life.


Everyone knows someone who has said, I am going to do this or be this, and they did it?  Then there is the other, who stood by and watched, doing everything else but learning.


You should not have excuses for everything that you did or did not do in life.  It like the guy sitting on the stump, in front of his mother house.  He been there for years, saying what he would have done.  It is easy to watch, do the work is another story.



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Some people are giver and others takes.

Are you a giver or a taker? A giver will go without some thing, a taker does not know to.
Matthew 7:12
“Do to others whatever you would like them to do to you. … Therefore, all things whatsoever ye DESIRE that men should do unto you, so also shall ye do
The whole pie

If someone offered you $1,000, 000, most of us would take it.  We play the lottery just hoping to get a sliced of the pie.  When you are young, you have many choices. Most choose to in their own direction, then somewhere along the way wish that they followed the other road. You cannot go back and in the past and change what we did or didn’t do. What would you want to change in your life? Many of us wish we had a great job as a doctor lawyer, or the president of a big company. That would have required you to go to school and train which many by passed that in their lives. Most people do not want to go the extra mile in order to have that kind to job.  Right now, I am working on start my own business, even though I have a degree, it still requires a lot of hard work.  It am going to have to learn how to make the pie.  Since I am a giver I will sharing the information of how you can do it also.

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The memories of life are filled with choices.

Several pieces of semi-sweet and bittersweet chocolate on beige satin with gold lace ribbon
Several pieces of semi-sweet and bittersweet chocolate on beige satin with gold lace ribbon


Remember the saying from Forest Gump, “Life is like a Box of Chocolate, you never know what you will get in the middle.”

We all like chocolate; it can come in many ways.  There are so many choices for us.  Some people prefer nuts, while others like them plain, however there is some with all kinds of filling.



Don’t you wish that you would have made better choices when you were younger?  You see children today doing more than you ever did at that age.  It’s not as if you couldn’t have, it is just that you never thought about it as the time.  You were doing the things you liked, while others were doing the same.  However, now that you are older, you can feel as if you have missed something.  The choices you made at that time were your own.   You can not go back, nor can you return the candy after you made the choice.

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Your reality verse someone else’s reality will never be the same.

Reality is about what is real; and it can not be changed no matter what you do. There  is no do over, no replay. 
There was a movie that became a television show called, “My so-called Life.”  It was someone real life being filmed, just like all these reality shows.  If a person dies while the show was being taped there would be no replacement to step in the role.
Just like what is happening the Teresa on the Housewives of New Jersey, who is now serving time in prison.  There is so much going on in her families’ life,  that you cannot help but feel sad to be in her reality.  She had to leave her kids and is serving time even before her husband, who really did the crime.  I know it easy to think they deserve this; they should have thought about their kids at that time.  They were making money; they were being greedy.

The reality today is most people do not take the time to look at the reality of life.  Most of us living for the moment, with what is happening right now in it, that we do not think about long-term planning in the future.  Trust me, I know all about that, I have more things happening now, even with a long work career and a large amount of college.  I started over on my fourth or fifth career change, and now I am considered behind.

Just talk to someone young.  They can’t visualize their future, until they are about the graduate from high school, sometimes not even then. They may be still in the moment, and their choices at that time will be based on whatever is happening right at the moment.  

The point is you do have a choice.  We can’t expect every choice to be the right one and that everything will be perfect, so think about if carefully. 

There will be bumps in the road of life, they can cause your plans to change completely.  If that happen, hopefully you can adjust your plans and have no regrets.  Which is what a choice is really about?  What can we do today, in order to better our choices in life?

“Based on I don’t want to be in the same place tomorrow.” by Ivy Lynns