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Is it your child’s dream to be president one day?

I wonder if Obama ever thought of be president when he was a small child?  I remember playing with the other kids when I was a young child, sometimes we would play as if we were in a classroom, someone always wants to play teacher and teach everyone.  A lot of kids like to play doctors and give out medicine.  Most boys want to play being a soldier, police officer, or fireman, girls like to play with dolls, being the mother. Most boys will play sports and think about become a pro when they get old, girls dream of becoming singer, or fashion model.  I don’t ever remember anyone saying I want to be president.   

Of course, many kids at a young age play sports with friends, like kick ball, track and football, hope to one day become a professional.  How do people decide they can be president and run a country.  It not like running a business, or even being a Judge, like some kids like to play.  To image yourself at a your age thinking of ways to cut the budget and spending for the world is something else.   

My son did not decide to go to the military until he was in his last twenties, my friend’s daughter join the military at eighteen.  Every child will see a direction for their life as time goes on.   

 With the drama involved in politics today, does any young person want to take on, thinking that they can do a better job?  Is there a future President in your child?  Do kids today even set their goals that high, at young age?  

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Can we have a better life? Do we even the choices?

Can we have a better life?  Do we even the choices?

That the thing about the cards in your hand, no one can play them for you.  Nor can they make the decision on how you want to play them.


cartes rouges et noiresHave you ever heard the saying, “The more choices you have, the better your future will be?”  The good thing about that you have more than one options.  Which means  you are allowed to change your mind.  Furthermore, that is what growth can do for you. It gives you the chance to go different ways.  These days that is important because we do not know what the future will hold for us, other than there will be a lot of choices.



If you think about social media, and all the information that we are getting from all over the world. It allows us to see what other people have done and what you can do also, or do even better.

When we are young, who thinks about what they want to do in their twenties, alone their forties.  As a child playing dress-up is one thing, once you get older and have to make the hard decision in for the future, it is another issue altogether.  As we grow the world around use is advancing with many changes.  We have to go with the times, and be prepared  to change.

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Your Dreams can be Lost

dream yourselfYour Dreams can be Lost

I received an email the other day stating that it was the final week on  my online class in computer programing.  I thought I needed this class because it was a requirement for another class would be taking later.  I thought about my plans for the future.  What cause me to get off track is another story.  There is always something that came up and can distract you from what you planned on doing.  What you have to do is work hard and get back on track.  I rush working to complete all the assignment and quizzes.  Then I submitted it just in time to get credit for class.  

Do you have a dream, or plans for your future?  You need to move forward, don’t let excuses or events get in the way of where you want to be in life.

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Don’t get upset, if you don’t get everything done this year.  I know life is moving on, nothing stays the same.

We have to be happy for the times we had, and wish the best for the future.

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Zodiac Signs

When I was younger, I use to love reading my astrology reports; it was a big thing for everyone.  Each morning I would check to see if this was going to be my day. Would this be a good day or a bad day for me?  Was there anything exciting expected to happen in my life?

The Zodiac starts with an image belt in the sky.  It extends about eight degrees on each side of the ecliptic within the sun, moon, and planets.

What’s your sign? There is a profile for each sign representing your personality according to the day, month and year that you were born.  There have been songs about each different sign. If two people of the same sign, or if two certain signs get together, it could mean a good relationship.  By your sign, it can determine if you are a leader or a follower.  Certain signs are the peace keepers, and others are the fighters. 

Just like people today still look at the stock market reports or sports static to see how they have done in the past.  There is always a projection on how they expect things to do in the future.  The growth projects of It would tell you if you were going to have a good day or a bad day.  

At the beginning of the year, it is a big time for astrologers everyone wants to know what is projected for the coming up year.  People want to know about things from business to whom the winners of the New Year will be.

Does it matter that you have the Same Birthday as Bill Gates, or Bill Cosby?  Can you be as successful as BeyonceBrad Pitt, Robert Downy Jr, Justine Timberlake, Angelina Jolie by being born the same month and day?

Want to know about more successful people?