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We will have to say goodbye to many things in life.

Never can say, “Goodbye.” Jackson 5, Michael was about 10 years old when the song was written. It was a hit.  I loved to sing the song at a young age of about 10, not thinking I was actually going to have to say goodbye to many things through life whether want to or not things will change.  The weather will change, the people you hang around will change, and the ones you are close to will one day will not be there.  You will say goodbye to many things as time goes on, places and people are the hardest.  Many people have a hard time with the loss of animals, it can hurt as hard as a parent or child.

It’s true, you never can say goodbye because there will be pain and heartache that will follow you.  However, as time goes on, you will have to also.






Will you be ready to say, goodbye, to people and things in your life?

What are their things that you can’t say goodbye to?

What will cause you pain and heartache in your life?

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Change is good

It is a new day.

A new beginning.

Life is good.

You get up every day and prepare for a new day.  We change are clothes from what we worn the day before, we shower and comb our hair in order to look fresh for a new day.  It is a new beginning that comes along with a new day.  Life is good when you know that you can start again.  What is it that you would want to change from the day from before?

We should never hold on to issues that we can’t change.  It is hard to sleep when you can let something go.  You won’t move on if you are stuck in the same place.

I was given some good advice from someone one day.  I thought this person knows, so I went to work to make some changes.  We all are never to old to changes.  Listen when someone tells you something with an open mind, it may be important and just what you need to know.




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Dig in Deep, mean doing a little more.

I was a single mother, I have over three degrees, and I worked most of my life, there were some hard times. I had to work so each morning I had to get up early enough to my son to childcare in a limited amount of time in before work.   There is a lot of responsibility that comes a long being a single parent.  While my son was young I decided to go back to school for my degree, so there was very little time for a social life.  It was a choice I made, just as many single parent who want to do better in life.  I was blessed to have a family who supported me by picking up my son when I worked late or had class.  In order to gain, you have to do a little more, dig in deep.


There are many people  who know about sacrificing in order to make things better in life for them and their future.  Sure their were some regrets along the way, disappointment, but you can never be disappointed with the things that you try in life.  Even if you don’t succeed in something that you worked hard for, you still will gain some in the long run.  You never know what your made of unless you know your strengths.


Take some chances by doing a little more in your life.





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Did you learn something from being young?

We grow older with each day and year, even if some actions may show differently. Some situations, we may have handled poorly and felt disappointed by our action. There is a saying, live and leave. We grow by the things that we go through in life.

When I was young my mother would say to me like all parents what not to do or do this.  Most parents try to guide their children in the right direction. My Mother, as many would tell me things to help me go in the right direction as a child. She would say things like get your homework done, pay attention in class, don’t stay up late, and other things when I was young. Of course, a lot of the things that my mother said went over my head I like many young kids, would rush to get homework done, pay little attention to the teacher, and just like all kids my priority was to have fun with my friends. Of course, there were the things my parent wouldn’t approve of, or the were unsafe. Later on, I would have to repeat those same words to my own children.

We learn many things from our parents and other things from going to school, the outcome will show in our life.  If you listened and paid attention to what is being said then and now there are so many lessons that are still being taught to you.


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Check yourself, before you wreck yourself

I wanted to be…

“I am sorry if I failed you”, do you say that when you look in the mirror?

We all have to take responsibility for our situation, at some point in life.  The things that you do or did not do for you will affect your life.  It will make your life better or worst.

As you go through life, you as many of us will never get a chance to do half the things that you would have liked to do.  In fact, most of us have no goals or plans for what we would like to do.  Later on, we can feel as if we were cheated because things have not gone our way.  We can get disappointed in everything, even ourselves.  Don’t continue to let yourself down.  Examine you.




As you are looking in the mirror, what do you see?  You could be facing your worst enemy
Examine You


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Are you going though hard times?

Congratulations to you for purchasing your first car, you are now a homeowner, they have given you the position as Supervision.  We get blessed with the things we are hoping for, and when the times comes, there are thoughts that come will to mind. 

You may be happy about achieving a goal, but I come with pressure.  You will have to give up on some things when you take on something new.  You will have to make some sacrifices, even with good things that happen to you in life, there is a price.

They put your new baby in your hands and you are happy, however, there will be years of responsibility.  

Hard times are not limited to bad times, in life, there will be many.  It can feel like the pressure of hard times, even when we get things we wanted in life. 


As Times Goes On

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Don’t you want to be a success? You can be in many ways

Most of us, in some part of our lives, will experience success.  the things that we do like even graduating from school or getting promotion on a job. The knowledge of what you have accomplished or done holds a great honor.   

Some measure their success by the things they had completed in a day.  There is a list of things and you are hoping to achieve as much as possible in one day.  We go through life looking for challenges, then aim to succeed no matter who we are, young or old.  Everyone has someone who they admire for their success.  We look at certain people and hope to achieve half the things they have.  You should have your own list of accomplishments or things that you are aiming to do.  Don’t live just watching the famous or people around you doing well.  Your success has its own merit.  


 Do you want to be a success?  

There are many things that you never thought you would have, like graduating from school, however, you did.  You did what was need to get it done and achieve that goal. 
There are things you can do every day which will make your life better and help you to go further in the future.  If you never graduated from school, put that on your list of goals, it is never too late. You should have a short list of things to do, also one for your future goals.

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Follow who, what are you talking about?

We all are living in some difficult times, confusion is everywhere that can make life hard for us to manage, but doesn’t have to be the end of your story.   There are people who will help you along the way in life some of them our parents, family, and friends, others that you know.   Following the right instructions can help you, or just doing as others who are going in the same direction that you want to go can take you to another level.  We all need help in life, no one can do everything, or know what is ahead if you have never been that way before.



The Bible says,

12 Again Jesus spoke to them, saying, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”

John 8:12


You have to be willing to follow in the direction that you are being led, and you will see the light.  Have faith, in order to have a better life.