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When one door closes, God will open another.

I have only quit one job in my life and I celebrated when I was fired on another job. I am about to have the same dilemma again.

You have to know your value, if a job feels uncomfortable to you there a reason.  Have your planned reaction ready.


Dilemma: a situation in which a difficult choice has to be made between two or more alternatives, especially equally undesirable ones.


The Journey

When you are trying to build your dream, it is hard-working alone. You may want family, friends, and others to support you; however, that most likely it won’t happen. The people who will FOLLOW YOU, and support you usually are those who have dreams of their own that they too want to achieve. Birds of a feather flock together, so do the people who have a dream of being a success.

I am here to show you how it can be done, follow my journey.


“Based on Ivy’s Memory Makers, I don’t want to wait up in the same place.”


They say a dream is free, however…..

If I worked hard at everything, I did I would be wealthy.  If I did well in everything aimed for, I would have achieved more.  If I followed through on everything, I dreamed of I would be successful.

Are you working and aiming for your dreams?  When did you stop dreaming?








Can you find your way?

OVERWHELMEDToday, I felt overwhelmed again.


It can get hard when you juggle too many projects at one time.  Today, it felt like the days were closing in on me, as I thought of all the things, I wanted to get done.  They say, “be careful what you ask for.”  That is also true when you take on a lot, challenging yourself to do more.



It is like me and my aim to succeed in something.  So I have been researching and processing lots of information.  I am learning many different concepts to help with build and promote my website.  I understand if you do it correctly not only will it get a lot of attention, but you can also make a lot of money.

There are some great success stores about people started with nothing, had no job, and now they are making millions.  Of course, I probably won’t make millions of dollars, but I am hoping to give it my best shot.

Based on, “I don’t want to wait up in the same place.” by Ivy Lynn


Can you get everything done in a day?

Right not I am trying to work on making some changes, and fixing problems.  It is a big job, but I am just taking one step at a time.  The first step is to clean up a few things, that the Webmaster tool pointed out to me.  What was I thinking when I did these things.  The next thing I need to do is go through some of the advice via email, to see if I can use it.

Do you know the more you research on Google, the more advice you get back?  So it is crazy the amount of feedback I am getting right now; will I understand it is the next question.

I know we really can’t do everything in a day.


How much is too much? There are always some good and bad ideas.

How much is too much? There are always some good and bad ideas.

Some things offered to you are good, and some are bad.  When you learn something from the bad ones, then it is good.







I remembered once I applied for a part-time job, during the holiday season, and got the job.  It was a great opportunity for me to make some extra money for the holidays.  I said I could work anytime after the 5p.m., after my regular job. So they schedule me to work starting at 5:30p.m., which was in fine because the location was less than 30 minutes away where I was working. The hours were 5:30p.m. until 1a.m., because I put anytime after 5pm.

I would go home tired as…

After a few weeks of working both jobs, it was around 11p.m.  That was the time when the employee would just be walking around straightening up for the next day.  I started to feel weak, so ask if I could leave, and their answer was, “We really would like you to stay.”

An opportunity offered to you can come with some good and some bad.  You have to be willing to take a chance and working hard with everything you do.  If you had an opportunity to make more money, by just saying yes, staying, working, would you?



Have you ever wanted to say to someone, “You’re in my space?”


Your breathing room.

Your office space.

Your personal space.



Is there be a moment or place where no one is allowed to bother you?

Your desk at work, they tell you to make it feel like home, by putting on it some of your personal things. You will be happy, like family pictures on it.  Then someone comes to your desk where you have yourself personal items at, borrowing things off it with no thought to ask you.  If you don’t believe that think about each and everything on your desk that is work related is your responsibility.  It can be stressful not to have the time you need to complete the task.

A lot of people want to invade that space; they don’t feel that you would actually want a little room to yourself.  Why is that?

What about places like the bathroom, have you ever had someone knocked on the door and asked what are you doing? How long are you going to be? Can they come in?

Do you really think you need the personal space, that time or minute to breathe freely and intake your life and your time for you?  Does a close door mean anything?

Of course, I am talking about the boundary that can seen, but there are ones that you can’t see, that another thing.  It always amazes me when I see someone standing too close to a perfect stranger when there is plenty of room.  If you were in an elevator, and there were only two people in it, why were the other person want to stand next right next to you?



It is Thursday, progress can be slow.

Dear O and Friends,
It is Thursday and through the week, I have been doing more researching. I have been looking through new ideas. I am still in the process of fixing things. In addition, I have to get my mine in the right set for dieting and fasting.

I have a lot of wonderful things to show you from over the last few weeks. I know you are going to enjoy see where I have been and what I have been doing. You will never guess where my focus is at. My you tube videos that I need to put tones together.

Also I have been doing research on book promotion, because I have one coming up, which is in no way ready. I was reading yesterday that I should have done the book promotion months prior to the book being completed. Does the fact that I had it posted to come count? I am going to share some good information about that subject.

Not to mention the crazy person, me, has a new project that I am helping with. I know you are wondering how many things are you doing at one time. That is not how you focus, get into the A game. I have to admit I wasn’t an A student in school until my last year. Never focus on one thing in my life. I guess thing have not changed.

What about you, A student or C student doing too much?

The first week of 2015, it is time to for work.

StudioIt is the first workday, of the week, for 2015.  Back to the task, do not know I am going to do all the things that I would like to get accomplish.  There are so many project on my to do a list for this year.  Many people have said to me slow down and focus.

There was a comedy skit where two guys were talking, one of the guys asked the other person a list of things that he was going to do. The other person answered would be the same, no I have not done that yet.  Well this year I want to check off a few of the things that I have not done yet.

First I need to fix a few errors from last year, so that things are in order.  You know me  and change, I believe in it, I need to update everything.  Then I can put in motion some of the new plans for the year.

What I have been doing these last few weeks, is researching other websites. I have been looking into some of the top blog sites. They focus on coping information from others, which is where we differ.  I am going a different direction completely; but I am hoping to get the same results.

That must be part of being an artist, we like to be original.  So I am back to work in My Studio.  What direction are you going this year?  We can go together, follow me.


Sometimes you have to laugh about it or you would cry.








I have been trying to complete the final book of the series, “Mommy Living Dolls.”  It has taken me long this time then with the last two.  The reason had nothing to do with the book but a lot to do with being constantly side track.  For instants, I would have never thought I had so many friends whom I stay in touch with daily, but over these last few weeks as I was attempting to complete my final book.  I must have had more calls than I have ever had at one time.

So much that if you were me, you would have wanted to scream I am trying to work.  However, by screaming, it is like saying NO to someone or NO to something.

The question is what?  Where do you want to draw the lines in your life?  Can you truly cut off all the negative things out of your life? Can you walk past a friend or anyone who you know, as if they were not there?

These last few weeks it felt as if my dreams were crushed, because of someone else.  The thoughts that come along with doing the right thing, it can feel like those negative thoughts are killing you, if you don’t just laugh about it.

Or better yet, laugh at yourself for the funny or unexpected things that can happen, at the least expected time.  It is a parts life, when things do not work out as you would like.  When you are setting goals, You should allow for the unexpected, or there should be a plan B, because things happen to everyone in life.  Like say you want to go on a diet for the new year, but suddenly it a family member’s birthday, and they want you to take them out to dinner.

Needless to say the book did get complete just not on time, but an achievement is good just the same.