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It is time to work on the New Year plan of act, but first…

It is time to work on the New Year Plans, but first we need to clear up a few things.  It is house and desk cleaning time. You will feel so much better after you do.


clean up

Go through the closet.

Go through the emails and delete some things.

Sort and return things you did not want of use.

Sort through clothes and old things you don’t want or cannot use any more.

Sort through paperwork that has been piling up, shred and trash.

Go through email, quickly read then delete if you’re not considering it at all.

Get a few things back in order, mop and dust.

Time to sort the edit notes, or delete completely.

Get organized so that you know where you are doing next.

Organize your projects, so you know what has to be done first.

Change things around.

Change or edit an exiting project to make look new.

It is the time to change the things that are not working.

It is time to return the gift you don’t want.

I have a few things planned, for the coming up days, and hopefully they will lead to great ideals for the coming up New Year.  Besides for the standard goals that I set each year lost weight, exercise more, get out more.  I try to include something new that I want to accomplish for myself. Like you know I am aiming to move up on Google’s list, I have my writing that I want to take it another level; I want to have lots of friends and followers for the coming up year.  Oh that is a lot, well I dream big.

What one things you can get done today, that will make your life a little better?

Like don’t forget that forget stores have a very strict policy after the holidays. There are only a few days that they will take back pretty much anything without question.

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What was on your mind this morning? This is what was on my mind.

I woke up early this morning; I was tired are first.  Then I remembered that I had a bill to take care of, well it going to be late. I should have paid it online yesterday.
I started to work on my website, I need to add a page.  You know my lonely site that is just like me, unknown. 

I started thinking about a church sermon. Sometimes when the minister is preaching on occasions, you feel as if he is giving you a word from God.  You see yourself in every word that are being said.  It is said that the true can hurt.  He was preaching about how we sit at home crying when something did not go our way.  We wonder why bad things are happening to us.  I thought to myself is he talking about me, do I whining because I have not been successful?

It is time to examine you. Where are you going and where you have fallen short, of your own expectations?

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image 5











I feel bad today, I am getting sick.  It like when you are so under pressure  from not getting things completed.  You know what I am talking about, you have so many things to do that you don’t know where to start.  Many people do it set high standards of all the things that they want to accomplish.  I have paperwork that is piling up for me to work on.  There are phone calls to make or call back on; emails to respond to, but there no is no time. Many people tend to do that in life thinking they can take care of it all in a couple of day, with hard work.  Pushing ourselves to harder to get in done, but we look up and the pile is even high then when we started.  I have been working to clear away my stuff and my pile has been getting higher also.

Well this is just a suggestion, take a long breath of air, then pill out your priority list and tear it up.   Time to start fresh with new list and new ideas to change your thought process.  When you are thinking too many things at one time, it is the same as doing to many things a one time.

The thought on doing one thing and doing it well will get lost in that pile of things to do.  No one can do everything, no matter how many people call you a super person, there will be something that was compromised.  The good news is there is always time for you to put things back in order.  Start over and make the changes so that you can see yourself completing some of your goals.

I may consider myself a super person in  multitasking, but I am guilty of taking it to far.  If you could see my “To do list” right now you would agree.  What is the use of setting goals, if you never achieve the goals that you are setting.

In the meantime don’t load up on the caffeine, maybe do a couple jumping jacks or take a walk instead to clear your mind.

by Ivy Lynns, “I don’t want to wake up in the same place tomorrow”

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Post No. Nine on Word Press. Promotion over.

Dear O and Friends,

I am tired from the do it yourself (DIY), book promotion. It was a lot of work. Listening to Susan Mallery, a romance writer, she was she was inspirational. I have a lot to do. I love the fact that she took the time to contacted me back and wished my well. I missed some things and learn some more things. So it time is time to get to work. I will let you know what is next, I promise you will love it.

Ivy Lynns, xoxoxo I am going to open up your heart.

Happy Birthday Cyndi Lauper, Girls just want to have fun, the Donald fired you. You were to nice for that show.

Birthday cake 4
It’s Birthday time for my family, and we have a lot of them.  You know what that means, parties.  Of course this is a special years for me and my friends just like O.  This was a special year for her. Lets see what we are going to do.